Letters to the editor, February 8

CHANGES NEEDED: Letter-writer Peter Bungay, of Wagga, calls on politicians to pass new laws to combat the scourge of cyberbullying.
CHANGES NEEDED: Letter-writer Peter Bungay, of Wagga, calls on politicians to pass new laws to combat the scourge of cyberbullying.

In response to the increasing concern regarding cyberbullying and the disastrous results where young people are so distressed they can see no way out other than ending their lives.

The time has come where governments need to take drastic action to put a stop to this dreadful scourge.

This could be quickly ended if legislation was passed so that the person who initiates the cyberbullying on a person, and that person dies as a result of the bullying, is charged with manslaughter by means of the internet. Also, all those who forward the initial post should be charged as accessories to manslaughter.

These people can be tracked through the internet by those skilled persons who know their way around the internet.

To show that this can be done, recently in Denmark a young couple were filmed having sex and those watching posted the vision on the net.  

The couple, who were underage, did not know that this would happen.  

The authorities took action and traced over 1000 people who forwarded the vision and they have all been charged with forwarding child pornography.

The death of anyone from cyber bullying is 1000 per cent worse than having some unwanted vision put on the net.

Once the law is put into effect, and the first charges are made, I think the cyberbullying would cease virtually overnight.

Peter Bungay


Greens’ mischief making

Once again the mean Green machine have proved that they can run themselves over with a bus without even leaving the drivers' seat. 

Their leader wants the Australia Day date changed from January 26, yet Aboriginal leaders want it to remain as it is.

Warren Mundine mentioned in the Daily Telegraph on January 16, and I quote, "that he was sick and tired of the Greens". 

Aren't most of us for we find their stealth agenda designed and based on pure mischief making? 

It’s not a question of who came first but rather what we together do for this nation while we are here that truly counts for something. 

Yvonne Rance


Common sense prevails

On behalf of the aviation community at large and the community of Wagga Wagga, I sincerely thank the mayor, councillors and general manager for the decisions made at Monday evening’s council meeting regarding the airport and airport charges.

Not proceeding with the proposed aircraft parking charges and opening up the annual landing charge option to all flyers will mean we can get on with the job of promoting and running events designed to bring visiting private and recreational flyers and their passengers to Wagga Wagga. 

It will also mean more net revenue for the airport because the administrative and collection costs of the new charges would have outweighed the revenue received.

Most importantly, however, was the decision to have included in the terms of reference of the newly formed Airport Advisory Committee, a full review of the management, operation and improvement of the airport facilities together with its financial performance budgets and long-term financial objectives.

The Airport Advisory Committee comprises representatives of the airport’s aviation industry users, the business chamber and council. 

This referral provides a fantastic opportunity for us all to work together to achieve the best airport facilities and airport operations for our great city.

Geoff Breust

President, Wagga City Aero Club

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