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One reader is looking for a quieter change of scenery. Could Junee be the perfect new destination?
One reader is looking for a quieter change of scenery. Could Junee be the perfect new destination?

Change of scenery

I have been looking for an opportunity to move to some place that’s more peaceful and quiet. 

As you can see by my address I live in Glebe and with Sydney’s population explosion it has become very noisy unfortunately. I love close to fire brigade and police station and they go 24/7.

I am retired now for two years. I was caretaker/handyman for a block of 120 apartments for 25 years. I have various interests, they include reading and gardening. 

I have a particular interest in cultivating bonsai, going for walks and music. I don’t smoke, only would have a glass of wine on special occasions, non gambler and quiet personality. If interested, you can drop me a line.

Eddie Maguire


Makes you wonder

It was reported recently that “convicted child sex offenders would be able to volunteer for chemical castration under the reforms unveiled by the NSW government on Tuesday.”

Take note of the keyword ‘volunteer.’ There is absolutely no enforcement, no invasion of rights, nothing barbaric.

It is therefore ever so characteristic that a Green MP, David Shoebridge, should immediately criticise the idea of voluntary castration, labelling it on ‘18th centur’ proposal.

David SHoebridge apparently cares more for the child sex offenders than for their victims.

Makes you wonder who would ever vote for the greens

Paul Bosman


Attack on retirees

This is an attack by the Turnball government and an all at sea treasurer, who is starting to make Joe Hockey look like a genius. 

It will now push more self-funded retirees onto the full aged pension as their returns at the present time are near zero from banks and the stock market. 

The only people making money are overpaid directors, bankers and fund managers with their million dollar salaries and perks, usually hidden away in tax free havens, which can be closed at the stroke of a pen. 

If governments had the guts to start caring.

G.R. Hall


A great read

Bravo to Rowan Dean’s recently released book titled “Why Beyond Satire” Buy a copy it’s a real eye opener, you will kill  yourself laughing and never ever see politicians (of all persuasions) the ABC and Q and A - in the same light again.

Rowan finishes his book with the following words of wisdom! Quote -”The Author of this book urges all Australians to demand the repeal of section 186 of the Racial Discrimination Act before we lose our liberty, our freedom to express ourselves creatively, politically and satirically our beloved aussie larrikin sense of humour and our ‘souls.’

The criminalisation of free thoughts and creative expression for supposedly causing offence and insult, is quite frankly, way beyond satire” End quote.

Indeed so, we have been kept under the politically correct thumb long enough, time to get “unchained” next time around. We now have a more favourable alternative(on our side) whereby we can run with ‘One Nation’, ‘One Flag’, ‘One Constitution’ in a Christian nation, the framework of our foundation and regain “back” what is rightfully ours, no longer do we need other parties who are more hell bent and concerned with calling and labelling true aussies as racist and bigots instead (out of loyalty) should be reinforcing their rights of freedom to speak out

Yvonne Rance



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