Southern Cross letters to the editor | March 30, 2017

Hot cross buns and chocolate are great, but one letter writer wants to remind people about the origin of Easter. Send your letter to
Hot cross buns and chocolate are great, but one letter writer wants to remind people about the origin of Easter. Send your letter to

What’s Easter about?

Is Easter just another holiday with eggs, bunnies, chocolate and family gatherings? They all have some place but we need to turn our thoughts back to the real message of Easter. 

In just three years of public ministry Jesus touched the lives of many people with compassion, love and a message that would change the world. His death and resurrection proved Jesus to truly be the Son of God and the Saviour of the world.

Today we still feel the benefits of forgiveness, a changed life and a message that is still relevant to our troubled world and the issues of life we all face. Faith, hope and love now can flow from our lives like a mighty river. We show that we are true Christians by our love, compassion and believing all the Bible says about the wonder of Easter.

There is a well-known picture of Jesus standing amongst thorns and thistles and knocking on a door. There is no handle on the outside. The person inside must open the door to let Jesus in. This is a timeless truth and may we this Easter open our minds and hearts and life to the risen Saviour of the world and love each other as Christ has loved us.

Chris Turk

Junee Combined Churches

Literary brilliance

Bravo to Rowan Dean’s recently released book titled Why Beyond Satire. It’s a real eye opener. You will kill yourself laughing and never ever see politicians on the ABC and Q and A - in the same light again.

Rowan finishes his book with the following words of wisdom! “The author of this book urges all Australians to demand the repeal of section 186 of the Racial Discrimination Act before we lose our liberty, our freedom to express ourselves creatively, politically and satirically our beloved Aussie larrikin sense of humour and our ‘souls.’ The criminalisation of free thoughts and creative expression for supposedly causing offence… is beyond satire.”

We have been kept under the politically correct thumb long enough, time to get “unchained” next time around. We now have a more favourable alternative whereby we can run with ‘One Nation’, ‘One Flag’, ‘One Constitution’ in a Christian nation, the framework of our foundation and regain “back” what is rightfully ours. No longer do we need other parties who are more concerned with calling and labelling true Aussies as racist and bigots who instead should be reinforcing their right to speak out

Yvonne Rance


Forced amalgamations leave bitter taste

After the disastrous Orange by-election, newly-elected National Party leader John Barilaro declared that there would be “a clean slate” for his party. 

Voters in the traditionally safe National seat rebelled against the party for its involvement in the Baird government’s botched greyhound ban, which Barilaro ardently supported. He also supported council amalgamations. Apparently, he is still accepting the crumbs from Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s table and the Nationals are still being taken for granted.

On May 10, 2016, the former Gundagai council resolved to join with Walcha, Cabonne and Oberon Shire Councils in their applications to the NSW Land and Environment Court to challenge the state government over forced mergers. 

Gundagai’s application was filed ahead of the government’s proclamation that effectively dissolved the former council. Gundagai was within the time limit to file such an action and should not have been subjected to a forced merger.

If John Barilaro and Katrina Hodgkinson are prepared to condone this discrimination, they should hang their heads in shame. Stand up for what is right and bring this merger farce to an end now.

Geoff Field