Top apps: movie reviews

Movies by Flixster
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry

Keeping up with all the latest movies on DVD and the cinema is easy with Movies by Flixster. It shows a running list of all the latest titles, and you can tap through to see details, watch the trailer, and read reviews from both critics and audiences. The app also displays your nearest cinemas and session times.

IMDb Movies & TV
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone

Ever wondered who that actor was in the movie you were watching? Or wondered in which other movie you've seen him or her? IMDb is the best resource for finding that information, with more than 2 million movies and TV shows, and more than 4 million actors, directors and cast members, in its comprehensive database. It also offers ratings, user reviews, trailers and photos.

Total Film
iPhone, iPad

Based on the British magazine Total Film, this app offers a sampling of the content that's available in the digital interactive magazine (available for $6.49 an issue on the iPhone and iPad), including news, reviews, features and trailers. We're not sure why you'd pay two bucks for the app, though, considering all of the content is available free on its website.

ABC At the Movies

This is an app version of the popular ABC TV program, with a write-up of all of Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton's excellent critical reviews of the latest films - including many indie titles that are often overlooked in other movie-review apps. You can also watch the latest four episodes of the program if you have a wi-fi internet connection.

Kids in Mind - Movie Reviews for Families
iPhone, iPad

This app takes the movie classification system a step further by giving you the precise details of every part in the movie that involves sex/nudity, violence/gore, profanity and substance use. It covers new movies in cinema and on DVD, as well as an archive of older films, but only blockbuster titles are included.

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