Fright night

THE king and queen of the Sydney airwaves, Kyle and Jackie O, spent the night in Junee at the fabled Monte Cristo homestead and by all accounts were spooked by the house.

It’s believed a dare had the controversial radio personalities arriving in the region to spend a night in the what’s been described as Australia’s most-haunted house.

Cameras were set up around the house for the night and what was recorded was played on the radio this week and uploaded onto the internet.

One of the show’s producers was so un-nerved by Monte Cristo he left and spent the night in a hotel room.

Reg Ryan said since the pair and their entourage had left and the recording was broadcast on the radio, the phone “hadn’t stopped ringing”.

Mr Ryan said people were looking to visit Junee and go on a ghost tour to decide for themselves if what was broadcast on the radio was the real thing.

Mr Ryan, who owns Monte Cristo with his wife, Olive, said the celebrities got pretty spooked and were originaly going to spend the night in separate rooms.

“They all ended up in the one room,” Mr Ryan said.

Tourism development officer for Junee Shire Council Linda Tillman said Monte Cristo and Junee received national exposure as a result.

“It’s absolutely valuable publicity that has been generated,” she said.

While Kyle Sandilands often courts controversy, Ms Tillman said he really sold the experience of the night-time ghost tour.

Ms Tillman said the publicity had reached multiple platforms including radio, Twitter, Facebook and the web.

She said the challenge was to leverage off the national publicity and bring visitors to Junee’s retail shops, eateries and other attractions.